“ - The Graviton is weightless, travelling at the speed of light and has a tremendous energy level but is not yet discovered." - This agrees well with what we are looking for!



Investment and Corporate Finance


Graviton is a Nordic Investment and Corporate Finance firm. Our investment focus is within IT, internet and new technology. In special situations we consider a wider investment range such as distressed turn-around's and MBO/LBO's.


Graviton is derived from our first Venture Capital fund, Alpha One, established year 1999 with a total commitment of 43 mEUR. Today Graviton keep (11) holdings of which (6) are actively managed via Board of Director Positions.


Our team has extensive experience in startup's, as founders, investors in early stage and expansion phases, including executive positions in both private and public companies.


We value entrepreneurship, integrity and drive. We have close relations with our clients and investment cases which is paramount to us in all aspects. We cooperate with a number of Family Offices, Ultra High Net Worth Clients and Institutions.


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